Mystic Harness

Mystic Harness

- Anatomical Backplate

- 3D molded Foam Interior and exterior

-Soft Neoprene edges

- HP system included

- Covered side parts

- Spreaderbar protector

-Battle belt waist closure

-Safety knife included

- Single power leash ring

- Multi hook | clickerbar 4.0 | low torque fixation 

- Single power leash ring

Anatomical backplate 
  3D-molded foam interior and exterior 
  Soft neoprene edges 
  HP system included 
  Covered side parts 
  Spreaderbar protector 
  Battle belt waist closure 
  Safety knife included 
  Single power leash ring 
  lti hook | clickerbar 4.0 | low torque fixation Mu
  Leash EYE